Innovative Technology was founded in Oldham in 1992 by David Bellis MBE to create cost-effective banknote validation equipment. Since then, their business has grown to become a market-leading provider of cash handling technology and ITL now operates from five continents around the world.


The Challenge

ITL has always been committed to innovation, developing the most technologically advanced products, to help customers improve their performance and reduce costs. This continued focus of change, in partnership with customers, has proved crucial to continued growth.

ITC needs to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its internal tracking process for highly customizable products to enhance the competition in the electronics manufacturing business.


The Solution

By using JUST-EDI solution, it handles the advance shipping notice of supplier purchase. The suppliers can download the ASN form via the web portal; the system generates the barcode tracking number accordingly for raw materials. Tracking all manufacture batch information and version control process by using the barcode.

The JUST-Barcode system controls all internal process of production and sales packing. All material issue and semi/finish goods manufacture is recorded, which provides real-time and accurate inventory data; it generates inventory analysis reports automatically.

JUST-RWMS improves the efficiency of the warehouse process. Once a job is created, the system will automatically send the factory document to the warehouse for raw material preparation. With this factory document, users can know precisely what to do next and where to find the raw materials by following the bin location instructions. The system has a shop floor warehouse Kanban system to monitor inventory statics and balance daily material planning.


The Benefits

After implementing both the JUSTPRO-MES and the JUST-RWMS solution, ITC has reduced its warehouse level by 10%, and improved the tracking process efficiency by 40%. With standardized Serial number management, the products meet the European central bank’s requirements.