Green Star Food Service began in 1997 as a local supplier of chicken in western Sydney. Over the years, they have expanded their product range and delivery areas to meet the needs of their many valued customers. Today, they provide a full range of poultry, beef, pork, lamb, seafood and smallgoods to hundreds of businesses across Sydney and surrounding regions. They have continued to extend and improve their services to meet the ever-growing market demands. They say their only constant is our obsession with quality.


The Challenge

After a ten-years struggle with GSF’s previous office Access97, which is lack of functionality and stability. They wanted to find a vendor that could provide a solution with a fully customized process flow, shipping traceability, and wireless PDA function. The system can handle not only daily operations but also hundreds of shipments every day.


The Solution

After comparing several software solutions, they picked JUSTPRO's solution and services, which fully met their requirements and was easy to customize.

By using JUSTPRO-MES, they get full control of their business process. The system gives the visibility of their inventory, order process, and traceability of the shipment of the goods. It became easy to handle 4000+ order/per day with different customers, and with RMA function, they have greatly improved the satisfaction of our customers.

Together with the JUSTPRO-MES system, the goods packing and weight process became very easy by using PDA scanners. System generated picking list automatically which may take hours to complete by manual work before. Moreover, with 2D barcoding of the sales label, tracking from warehouse picking to driver shipping to customer.


The Benefits

Within six months of implementation, JUSTPRO helped reduce the daily process by at least 75%. Without JUSTPRO's solution, the sales picking process takes 2-3hrs without system, which is now reduced to 30-45 minutes, The driver statement check and daily customer payment entry which took 2hrs previously only takes a click of the button to complete now, order volume has increased 200% with no extra resources required.