Anglo American is one of the largest companies in the mining and natural resources. Founded in the 1917,the strategy is to secure, develop and operate a portfolio of high quality and long-life resource assets, throughout more than 100-year existence, they have built a successful business in many industries and expanded beyond their roots in South Africa.


The Challenge

As a global mining company, Anglo American needed an engineering project management solution to ensure key equipment can be built and delivered on time with quality, and JUSTPRO's solution was key to ensuring the success of the project.

During a project back in 2011, there was a strong necessity to visualize the entire process of the project from key equipment suppliers, to the machine building process and construction process.

A solution was needed to track everything back to the upstream supply chain and key suppliers, to track and monitoring the quality and milestone of the key component's supplying process to make sure the key equipment can be supplied on time with quality, this was crucial to in order to prevent the failure of the supplied components which would cause negative impact on the entire project.

Some extra problems that needed solving were:

  • How to control the BOM structure to make sure the new version can be updated in real time.
  • How to monitor the key components' suppliers during the project.
  • And without a rapid reporting system, project information can't be shared with the people who need it.

The Solution

JUSTPRO provided JUST-EPM which was an engineering project management solution, a part of the JUSTPRO-MES solution to help Anglo American handle the MCC construction projects in China.

The GA drawing is converted to BOM by utilizing the JUST-EPM system and all this is uploaded to the ERP system for query. According to the requirements, engineers designed drawings and created the 3D model to make manufacturers easily understand what they should do. Based on the engineering change control functionality, which has enabled us to control and update the latest BOM version to the manufacturer as easily as possible. All these data are synchronized into the ERP system.

In order to ensure the success of the project, the JUST-Barcode system was used to deal with inventory daily works and transmit P/Order to the supplier. Inventory transactions are recorded exactly when and where they happen, and what makes the solution effective is how all transactions are also synchronized into the ERP systems in real time.

With the accounting package one can easily find out the cost of each MCC project via ERP, which used actual data from JUST-Barcode. During the production, JUST-EPM was key for performing on-site inspection. All the issues are recorded into JUSTPRO's software to generate the punch list for correction and adjustment, with the help of JUSTPRO's software, third party reports and documents are linked into the ERP system, and after inspection the custom reports are generated automatically and can be viewed online in the head quarters in Australia.

Lastly all the production information is tracked and uploaded to JUST-EPM's website, which in turn is synchronized to the ERP system. Project managers can track the project process on time via JUST-EPM's website. Sharing project timeline, raw-material availabilities, 'FAT reports' and shipping information with stakeholders was made possible by JUST-EPM.


The Benefits

JUSTPRO works very closely with suppliers to form a highly efficient team to handle projects issues, including Planning, Engineering, Purchasing, Production, and inspection, etc.

JUSTPRO’s solution and service made it possible to share critical information effortlessly, which ensured that the project was completed correctly.