DULI Trading Company has 30 years' experience in sourcing hardware and gardening tools for customers in Spain. To provide the most competitive prices and highest quality, DULI brings customers one-stop purchasing of multi-products and consolidate all in one invoice, shipped together to save on customs duties. DULI has the main logistic warehouse in Songjiang district, Shanghai, with multiple containers shipping worldwide every week. The company operates warehouses in Shanghai as needed to support the customers. As it services many customers, all products captured attributes such as lots, serial numbers, and track by using barcode technology.


The Challenge

Able to process data and efficiently report on inventory levels, lot inventory, or turnover. Managing cost is critical, giving the ability to see total cost spend. Easy and fast to generate container and pallet allocation documents for shipping procedures. Communicated and get delivery process flow between supplier, inventory staffs, sales staffs, distribution center.


The Solution

To improve the performance of the DULI business operations, JUST-SCM automates functions such as sourcing supplier, quote customer, work order management, receiving, put-away, picking, packing, shipping and invoicing. Implement PDA devices in concert with warehouse management module to provides real-time data capture. Eliminating duplicate data entry and improving inventory processing, critical in products with a quick turn around.

By using JUST-SCM together with the warehouse management module, DULI has eliminated manual processes involved with billing and inventory tracking and automate these efforts to improve accuracy and efficiency.


The Benefits

JUST-SCM deploys FIFO (First In First Out) as a primary allocation strategy. Labor and time savings from the automated picking sequence, outbound orders, verification of pick accuracy to ordered items. Improved inventory tracking and management capabilities track the variety of attributes and parameters by using PDA devices to capture the width, length, weight, and height of the cartons be shipped With JUST-SCM's comprehensive chain workflow and user-friendly interface, it helps save time and money for procurement. Improved documentation capabilities, allowing users to attach any file to a purchase order or container, has saved time and labor. Improvement in inventory visibility continues to reduce time wasted searching for items. Provide real-time visibility and access to inventory, orders, invoices, and customizable reports. Reporting capabilities have greatly improved the communication and decision-making process throughout the organization.